Monthly Archives: July 2013

Nine Worlds

So I’m going to be at Nine Worlds next month! If you haven’t heard of it, Nine Worlds is a cool new con in London with a huge and diverse list of guests, and tracks for all kinds of things. I have to say its having lots of different tracks does make it feel more reflective of the fandom spaces I inhabit — the straight-up SFF cons I’ve been to felt a bit, um, old to me, and very different from my previous experience of fandom, but knitting and cosplay and fanfic and Harry Potter meta? Sounds like fandom to me!

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what the con actually feels like. But the draft programme is out if you’d like to have a look. I’m on panels on the All The Books and Queer Fandom tracks, and will also be doing a reading (eep!). The con’s from 9-11 August, which is a bit sad because on that very weekend I was going to go for a Books by Asian Authors book club meeting for Tan Twan Eng’s The Garden of Evening Mists. Which would’ve been killing two birds with one stone — I’ve been meaning to read Tan Twan Eng for a while but not got around to it (The Gift of Rain is staring at me reproachfully from my book shelf at this very moment), and also I want to meet new people and new people who are interested in Asian authors are quite likely to share my interests.

Of course, a geekfest is probably just as likely to put me in the path of new people who share my interests. We shall see!

Zen fails at food photography

I made black sesame “brownies”! I used a recipe from Pig Pig’s Corner, Black Sesame Brownies, though mine aren’t as gloriously tar-like as hers — mine look more like ones Green Cilantro made. I don’t know if it’s cos of the lighting or what — I’d quite like my brownies to be blacker.




It’s actually really a cake, and not a brownie at all. It doesn’t have the dense fudginess of a brownie, and also it contains no chocolate. But it is GOOD. I love black sesame and am especially excited about this recipe because it’s the kind of thing you probably couldn’t buy in a shop, but it is really easy to make if you can get hold of black sesame or black sesame paste.

Cephas finds it very unusual and says his inner British person is like, “The chocolate muffin I had at tea was better :(“. But his outer British person is quite broad-minded and had a whole piece. Both my inner and outer Asian persons responded well: I had two pieces in quick succession, and will have many more before the week is out ….