30 Jun

Me signing my book

The book is out! I’ve done a book launch! And now I have three brown paper parcels’ worth of books to sell and give away.

Spirits Abroad

How to get the book

I’ve set up a new page on my website with information about how you can order/pre-order the paperback: How to buy SPIRITS ABROAD. It’s very easy if you’re in Malaysia — MPH branches mostly seem to have it, so should other bookshops, and you can of course order it directly from Fixi. It’s slightly more complicated if you’re outside Malaysia, but you can pre-order it from Amazon.com (it’s not available on the other Amazons, as far as I know).

I’ll also be putting out an ebook later this year, with various extras. You may want to wait for that! If you do buy the paperback, though, hang on to your proof of payment — I’ll be offering a discount on the ebook price to people who bought the paperback.

Attending Nine Worlds or WorldCon this year?

If you’re coming to Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 or Loncon 3 this August, you can get the book at either con!

Nine Worlds: The book will be available in the dealers’ room. I’ll probably have a couple of copies on me as well if you happen to run into me at the con.

Loncon 3: Unless someone offers me space on a vendor’s table (which, that would be very welcome!) you’ll have to get ahold of me to get ahold of the book.

If you would like to get the book at these cons, what would be really helpful for me is if you could reserve a copy by completing the fields below and paying in advance. That’ll enable me to put aside a book for you, as I only have limited copies of the paperback. Reserve your copy below the cut!


I am selling the book for £5.00. I’m only accepting payment by PayPal for pre-orders (alliteration!).

Reserve your copy

If you give me your phone number, email address, and any other ways I can get in touch with you at the con (e.g. Twitter handle), we can figure out how I’ll be getting the book to you closer to the time. Also, if you would like me to sign your copy, let me know what name you’d like it to be made out to, and whether you’d like any specific message.

Contact details at con
Name/message for autograph


Any questions? Leave a comment below or email me!

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