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End of the Road ebook

End of the Road, an anthology of weird road trip stories (click on the title for the full Table of Contents), is now available as an ebook from the Rebellion Store:

End of the Road ebook

Features writers like Philip Reeve, Lavie Tidhar, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Vandana Singh, and me! I understand the print version (which is v. pretty!) will be available in December — you can pre-order it from Amazon or Amazon UK. But if you prefer ebooks you can buy and read it now!

My story is about a ghost who balik kampung for the Hungry Ghost Festival, and in the process unwillingly solves the mystery of her death.

Hungry ghosts were the spirits of the unfortunate, unlamented dead: those who were killed violently; who died burdened by unfulfilled longings; who had been greedy or ungenerous in life; who were forgotten by their living. It was obvious to Lydia which category she fell into.

The story features Kampar curry chicken bread in a cameo role. It’s more melancholy than funny, but hopefully it’s a bit funny. Lydia travels northwards to get to her kampung, of course. One of these days I should have a protagonist from Muar. I don’t know anything about Muar, but there’s always Google!

I still want to write a humorous mystery novel with this premise. You could have a whole series about a hungry ghost detective solving crimes both supernatural and mundane! Only problem is, how do you write detective novels???

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Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE by Ann Leckie: a list

It is a very mildly spoilery list. I will do a cut out of courtesy, but it’s only really spoilery for people who are super spoilerphobic.

Many people have been saying that Ancillary Justice is good! But I thought I would do a list of the id-pleasing things about the book, because the blurbs I’ve seen have all been talking about how it is intelligent space opera, space opera done well, and it is those things, but also it is about SPACESHIPS with FEELINGS. Spaceships with feelings done well! I feel you should know this.

You can read a sample of the book online, and/or get the ebook from Kobo UK here: Ancillary Justice. (Kobo US also has it, and Amazon, etc.) Apparently there is a multi-use 50% discount code for Kobo: BookRiot50. I haven’t tried it, but coffeeandink provided it and she knows about this stuff.

Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE: a list

– Everyone is she (not everyone is actually she)

– The protagonist is a SPACESHIP

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More on LONTAR

I wrote a brief post on the various things that inspired my story in issue #1 of LONTAR over at the LONTAR blog:

Behind the Scenes of Zen Cho’s “Love in the Time of Utopia”

You can click around to read about the other stories in issue #1 too. Paolo Chikiamco’s story sounds really cool! I love school stories. *_*

If you’re in Singapore, there is going to be a launch for LONTAR on Friday 11 October at BooksActually. Details are at the Facebook event page. JY Yang has kindly agreed to read “Love in the Time of Utopia”, since I’m on the wrong island to do it. It looks super fun — wish I could be there!