Zen fails at food photography

I made black sesame “brownies”! I used a recipe from Pig Pig’s Corner, Black Sesame Brownies, though mine aren’t as gloriously tar-like as hers — mine look more like ones Green Cilantro made. I don’t know if it’s cos of the lighting or what — I’d quite like my brownies to be blacker.




It’s actually really a cake, and not a brownie at all. It doesn’t have the dense fudginess of a brownie, and also it contains no chocolate. But it is GOOD. I love black sesame and am especially excited about this recipe because it’s the kind of thing you probably couldn’t buy in a shop, but it is really easy to make if you can get hold of black sesame or black sesame paste.

Cephas finds it very unusual and says his inner British person is like, “The chocolate muffin I had at tea was better :(“. But his outer British person is quite broad-minded and had a whole piece. Both my inner and outer Asian persons responded well: I had two pieces in quick succession, and will have many more before the week is out ….


4 thoughts on “Zen fails at food photography

  1. Oh wow! That looks and sounds–like everything else you’ve shared, food or not–absolutely amazing. I actually feel a kind of rage to make and eat this. My inner Asian says ‘WANT’. I’ve lately been feeling a bit stuck for what to bake, too, so am especially glad you shared. Thank you!

    • I totally know what you mean by the rage to make the recipe! Asian fusion of this kind always makes me unreasonably excited. And yes, you must make this and take pictures, because your pictures will be so much better!

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