Sorcerer to the Crown

Die Magier Seiner Majestät – Cover Reveal

My German publisher Droemer Knaur said I could share this once they’d unveiled the cover at Leipzig Book Fair, so here it is — the German cover of Sorcerer to the Crown!

Cho_Magier_seiner_Majestaet4 (2)

A teaser!

Check out the full cover below the jump.

Cho_Magier_seiner_Majestaet4 (2)

Isn’t it brilliant? I love the jaunty birds — the one with the hat and the monocle makes me laugh. No doubt the crowned bird is the Fairy King in a disguise assumed so he can fly about the streets of London incognito and pick up all the on dits. And the combination of the skyline and the clockwork remind me of Princess Tutu:

If I’m Drosselmeyer, then Zacharias must be Ahiru, and Prunella is Fakir … but I’m not sure that crossover works!

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