Games I don’t play

hebethen: Games — any category or intersection thereof, whether children’s or videogames or board games or the sort of game you play all by yourself when you’re alone on a very long and humdrum trip.

I don’t really like games! I lack the attention span for anything that requires me to wait to get more story/stimulation, which I blame on a childhood steeped in books and Internet. When you are reading you can gobble up the story as fast as you want, and the Internet is of course an ever-present source of instant gratification/irritation. Whereas with games you have to learn the rules, or you have to play with other people, or you have to sit through cut-scenes, or you have to play out a fight multiple times to get past it ….

(This is also the reason I don’t watch much TV.)

There are a few exceptions, of course. I like really dull games because they are a good way of zoning out and thinking about other things. I used to play Tetris a lot while planning out stories in my head. I found Harvest Moon weirdly rewarding in a very boring way. I also love the Katamari franchise, which combines soothingly dull gameplay with truckloads of whimsy, delightful graphics, and fun music. If I could, I would have the dude who designed Katamari to design my life.

I also hate board games. >:( When the Malaysian government banned fireworks and we stopped playing with sparklers at Chinese New Year, my family moved over to board games, and my main memory of childhood CNYs post-fireworks is of escaping some tedious board or card game, and going to hole up in some cousin’s bedroom with a book. Happy days!


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