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Fiction: The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo (Part 20 of 20)

I’m posting a section a day of my epistolary romance novella The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo. You can read it online for free here (click on the “Perilous Life of Jade Yeo” category to access the other posts), or you can buy the ebook at Smashwords or Amazon. The ebook contains the complete 23,000-word novella.


3 Seddon Street, London

Tuesday, 26th April 1921

My dearest Margery,

I’m sorry I did not tell you I was going to leave before I did it. But when Ravi came I knew I should have to make a break for it, as if I were a prisoner escaping his gaol, or I should never bring myself to do it, but be stuck at Mrs. Crowther’s forever. It was my decision to go there and I felt duty-bound to stick by it.

Well, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, Emerson says. I think I shall work on having a great mind from now on, like yours. Ravi is consistent, but that is because he is always right about everything. It comes to him naturally, as singing does to a nightingale.

My blessed girl, thank goodness you wrote him. I shall never be able to thank you enough for the favour you did me then. I shall dedicate my next article in Milady’s Boudoir to you–it is a delicious piece on this spring’s hemlines–but that can only go a very little way towards repaying the debt.

There is another thing I have not told you, and you will quite justifiably be cross that I haven’t, but I hope you will see why it had to be done in such a hurry. I have got married to Ravi. We are tremendously happy, though not entirely respectable: we are living in his lodgings in London, but the landlady doesn’t like it, and it is no place to have a baby in any case. My two other friends have offered us the use of their country house in Sussex for my confinement, but we shan’t be staying there too long, I hope. We think of heading eastwards soon.

If you are vexed to have missed my wedding, as rushed and prosaic an affair as that was, imagine what my mother will have to say to me. I shall be very glad to see my parents again and to meet Ravi’s family, but I may pack a full suit of armour in preparation–and fireproofed underthings.

It seems rather cold to be at Brighton, but I hope you are having a wonderful time with Cordelia and even Reginald. If you aren’t too busy looking charming in a bathing suit and building rock castles with shingle from the beach, will you come and see me in Sussex one of these days? We shan’t be going anywhere until the baby is born, and I should love for you and Ravi to meet. You would like each other, and even if you do not, I have enough liking for the both of you to go around. Do let me know if you can come–and write, whether you can or not.

The worm sends its love, and so does

Yr affate

Geok Huay (Jade)


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10 thoughts on “Fiction: The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo (Part 20 of 20)

  1. What a wonderful story. It’s been witty, heart wrenching, relatable, poignant, sensitive, delightful. It’s made me want to start journaling again too. Thank you for sharing, you’re brilliant.

  2. Jenny says:

    This was delightful—Ravi remembering her true name was a lovely moment and I just love Jade for her wit and depth. Sorcerer to the Crown is one of my new favorite books, btw, and I can’t wait to read more of your works. :)

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