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My flashfic Jebat Dies (or its secret fanfic title Three Ways Hang Jebat Died, And One Way He Didn’t) is in the April issue of Esquire Malaysia, available at all good newsstands near you.* Concrete evidence kindly provided by Amir Muhammad and reproduced below.

Photo of Esquire Malaysia magazine

The art is so cute, right? Macam Thundercats aje. The story is mostly not SF, but consists of four scenarios:

  • Hang Jebat’s actual, Zaman Kegemilangan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, mengamuk-and-then-kena-executed-by-Tuah death
  • Jebat and Tuah are gamer geeks who are members of the same of RPG guild
  • Jebat and Tuah are actors in a modern film adaptation of Hang Tuah
  • Jebat and Tuah are space academy alumni who are officers in a thinly-disguised version of Starfleet

*If you are located in a part of Malaysia where English-language magazines are widely available.

ETA: If you aren’t so located that you’re able to pick up a copy of Esquire Malaysia from your local newsstand, it appears you can buy a digital copy of the issue online at Pocketmags, iTunes or direct from Mongoose Publishing. It looks like you’d be getting it as a mobile app.


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