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Jumping on the Patreon bandwagon

I’ve set up a Patreon!

If you haven’t heard of Patreon, the concept behind it is that you can be like the kings of old who funded scholars and jesters and artists at their courts so they had someone on hand to tell them jokes and play them soothing music and dance a jig for them at all times. What it means for the scholar/jester/artist (viz me) is that I can build an income stream that is independent of the vagaries of large corporate publishers.

I’m doing this as part of a long-term strategy to build a sustainable writing career: I want to diversify my income streams and learn to use a platform that offers an opportunity to people to make a living from their creative work. Also I want an excuse to write, essentially, boliao blog posts and share embarrassing excerpts of unpublished writing with people.

You can find out more about Patreon, and what content I’m offering, here.

To be honest, setting this up is as much about my “coming to the end of a project and really wanting to start on something new instead of doing all the necessary tidying up of the old” energy as anything else. (Hopefully I’ll be able to announce said project soon! It is really good, if I say so myself; I just want a break from it now, having been immersed in it for the best part of a year.)

As part of my current ferment, I’ve got lots of ideas for things I want to do, one of which is updating this website. It works OKish, especially as a first contact point for people who want to email me (just use the contact form, if that’s you), but it is kind of held together with spit and tape, and I want it to look nicer in mobile. If you have any favourite author websites in terms of appearance/functionality, and/or know of any website designers you’d recommend, let me know! I run the site via WordPress so it would have to be someone who is good at WordPress, but to be honest it would not be hard to be better at WordPress than me.


4 thoughts on “Jumping on the Patreon bandwagon

  1. Hmm … I’m a minimalist, and I really like your current website. Then again, my ideal design is probably something like Upstreet Magazine. No pictures! :D

    Cheers from a fellow Goodreader,

    • Thanks! I like the simplicity of the design too and will probably keep that element, but it doesn’t appear in mobile, and the actual pages could do with some tidying up …

      • AFAIK, there’re plugins or WordPress themes that let you configure separately for desktops and for mobile phones. Then again, I’m not the one to talk; we still haven’t done a proper mobile version of our own site. :/

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