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LONTAR #1 is out! LONTAR is a new journal of Southeast Asian speculative fiction, edited by Jason Erik Lundberg and Kristine Ong Muslim.

I have a short story in the first issue called Love in the Time of Utopia which is partly a gentle satire on the theme of meritocracy, but mostly just a quiet love story.

“Kak, how ah, if–” Feisal hesitated. “If you want to approach terms of intimacy with somebody?”

Muna was delighted. She showed it by saying in a lecturing tone, “Oh, finally you listen to me? You’ve met somebody? Why never tell your family?”

She’d always bemoaned the fact that Feisal showed no interest in the state-organised affability events where most people found their intimate partners: “You’re missing out. At least love is available to everybody, high station or low. It’s the one thing you can get without having to sit exam.”

The issue also features works by Bryan Thao Worra and Paolo Chikiamco, among others. The full ToC is on Jason Lundberg’s blog, and you can buy the issue from the Books Actually online shop — I understand they ship internationally. I am excited about the cover!


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