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New Year’s resolution: catch up on my reading of Malaysian writers in English

I have decided that next year must be the year I catch up with my reading of Malaysian writers in English. My focus will be on novels — preferably ones I can find easily in the UK to start with (though I’ll try to pick up any I can’t find here on my trip home). I won’t bind myself to reading all the books listed below, but I’ll read at least one book per author.

Recommendations welcome! My list not many Malay authors lor, ‘cos most of the ones I can think of off the top of my head write in Malay rather than English. But obvs I’d be happy to add more.


Yangsze Choo, The Ghost Bride

Preeta Samarasan, Evening is the Whole Day

Shamini Flint, Inspector Singh series (two books, anyway! Aiya counted la.)

To read

Tan Twan Eng

  • The Gift of Rain
  • The Garden of Evening Mists

Tash Aw

  • Harmony Silk Factory
  • Map of the Invisible World
  • Five Star Billionaire

Chiew Siah-Teh

  • Little Hut of Leaping Fishes
  • The Mouse Deer Kingdom

Megat Ishak, Dark Highways

Brian Gomez, Devil’s Place

Chong Seck Chim, Once Upon A Time in Malaya

KS Maniam

Rani Manicka

To read — not novels

Shirley Lim Geok-lin (poetry/memoir)

Bernice Chauly, Growing Up With Ghosts (non-fiction)

Rehman Rashid, A Malaysian Journey (non-fiction)

Awang Goneng

  • A Map of Trengganu (non-fiction)
  • Growing Up in Trengganu (non-fiction)

2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution: catch up on my reading of Malaysian writers in English

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  2. Why don’t you read my books (1) “My learned Friends” ISBN 9780654461232 (2) “The Killing Of A Nobody And Other Stories” ISBN 9780954461249 published by Karmarger Books ( in the U.K. Both books have much of Malaysia in them and are available from all good bookstores; the first is also obtainable from James Aries, ( of Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you do read them, I would welcome a feedback.

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