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Nine Worlds panels what I am on

Nine Worlds is this weekend! OMG, I am so unprepared. As at Wiscon, I plan to make it through my panels on pure charm, i.e. I intend to smile a lot and laugh at everyone’s jokes.

After I painstakingly extracted the details of my programme, I realised I could’ve just linked to my Lanyrd profile. That wasn’t very clever of me. Oh well! My comments in italics below.



Cake or Death? Plot, Pacing & Character Death. With Cake.
5:00pm to 6:15pm, George I, Renaissance
Zen Cho, Paul Cornell, Charles Stross, Liz de Jager, Marcus Gipps (mod)

Some authors want to be nice to their characters, some don’t. And some just murder them all. Come celebrate the opening of the Nine Worlds Books track with tea and cake, and a discussion on writing conflict, danger and character death with some of science fiction and fantasy’s finest authors.

I don’t think many authors murder ALL their characters, do they? I am not actually sure what this panel is about, but there is going to be tea and cake! This is very comforting because you feel that even if you are not interesting, at least the audience has already been rewarded for participation with cake.



Heroes vs. Villains: The Debate
10:00am to 11:15am, George I, Renaissance
Kate Griffin, Stan Nicholls, Zen Cho, Anne Perry (mod), Adrian Tchaikovsky

We kick off Saturday with the ultimate showdown: heroes vs. villains! Two authors argue that villains are the best, two argue for heroes, the audience decides once and for all. Who will it be? Katniss or Catwoman? Frodo or Darth Vader? Starks or Lannisters? There will be room for audience members to speak on the floor, so come prepared to shout, argue and scream for your favourite side.

I am supposed to be arguing for villains but am trying to swap for heroes. If I seem particularly unconvinced on Saturday, you know why!

New Goggles: Diversity in Steampunk
1:30pm to 2:45pm, Britannia, Renaissance
Zen Cho, Alex Dally MacFarlane (mod), Maki Yamazaki, Sam Kelly

‘Anachrotech’ genres like Steampunk give writers, makers, and musicians a chance to tinker with the past, resulting in, at best, a way to reclaim and subvert popular historical narratives and tropes; at worst, a nostalgia that uncritically repeats those tropes. Let’s trade in those rose-tinted monocles for new goggles, and discuss the importance of queering and diversifying the genre.

I feel very unqualified regarding steampunk. /o\ But nostalgia and Anglophilia and reclamation of tropes and historical narratives are all things I can talk about!

New Voices Slam Session: Saturday Edition
10:15pm to 11:30pm, Lobby Room, Renaissance
Den Patrick, Zen Cho, Francis Knight, Tade Thompson, Paul Cornell, Tom Pollock, Laura Eve, Snorri Kristjansson, Benedict Jacka, Catherine Banner

Your chance to listen to short readings from nine more of science fiction and fantasy’s most promising new authors. Bring your drinks, bring your friends, contrast and compare these authors to Friday’s authors, but not too loudly.

We each only have five minutes to fill, thank goodness. I am dithering between my Monkey King story, which would be super fun to read but won’t be available in full till 2015, and Prudence and the Dragon, which is fun to read, a very London story, and available to read online if people are intrigued by the reading — but I’ve done it for a reading once before. Hm, now I’ve put it that way it seems pretty obvious that I should do Prudence. But Monkey King is so fun!



Racefail 101
11:45am to 1:00pm, George I, Renaissance
Zen Cho, Tade Thompson, Anne Perry (mod), Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Stephanie Saulter

Our panellists discuss colonialism, xenophobia and racism in science fiction and fantasy, recommending the best works discussing these issues as well as discussing the problems we face in writing and reading SFF, and what we can do about them.

I have been promised that we do not need to talk about Racefail ’09. It will be cool to be on a panel with Rochita!


I am starting to get excited about this, particularly as the con makes an explicit commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. And the cute logo doesn’t hurt …. Let me know if you are going and we should hang out!


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