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Not very scary stories, plus a spooky 1904 Christmas film

surpassingly asked for ghost/spooky stories and/or urban legends, and I was going to write a post last night but then I decided to wait till morning. >_>

For someone who writes so much about pontianak and dead people, I am really easily scared by supernatural things and so don’t know that many scary stories. Because I actively avoid them! I think I write about death (in Balik Kampung, The First Witch of Damansara, The Terracotta Bride, etc.) as a means of trying to make it safe and familiar, to try to make it less scary, as a way of understanding it. Of course … that doesn’t really work …. So I might write stories that make my mom uncomfortable (she still retains the Chinese horror of ever mentioning death even though she’s now Christian, and as I heartlessly remind her, Christians talk about death all the time), but that doesn’t mean I like spooky stories!

My attitude towards the supernatural is that I don’t really believe in it, but am a little worried that hantu don’t care whether I believe in them or not.

The scariest stories I have heard are ones that could maybe be true? They’re definitely told as true stories. So I have a friend who has a membrane around her brain and so can see ghosts (it runs in the family). She’s very matter of fact about it and doesn’t really even talk about it unless you ask, but when we were at a school housed in an 18th century manor in the English countryside, she used to see things in the music hall and floating around the ruined Abbey that I refused to hear about.

Another friend of mine once told me an awful story about how her mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw a thing at the end of the bed. For a while after being told this story I’d lie in bed every night trying not to look down.

The sister of a schoolmate once refused to enter their house because “there was a man in the living room”. Nobody else could see the man. The sister said he was bald and had red eyes. D:

These are not very interesting stories, are they! You kind of had to be there. You may tell me the spooky stories you know, if you like, and I will peek at the comments through my fingers and decide whether they are too scary for me to read them or not. Oh, and here is something spookier than anything in this post:

The Mistletoe Bough

A short film made in 1904 (!), which you can watch for free on the BFI website. Their description:

An unlucky bride is locked in a trunk during a game of hide and seek in this ghostly early silent film. The tale of The Mistletoe Bough dates back to the 18th century, and was traditionally recited at Christmas time as a ballad. Its ghostly bride, olde-worlde castle setting and shock discovery of skeletal remains make it a Gothic classic. With new music by Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, commissioned by the BFI.

It’s pretty cool!


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