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Many cakey returns

It was my birthday yesterday! Some people wished me many cakey returns. It is for these people that I post the following pictures.

Cake #1: a Japanese strawberry green tea shortcake, made using this recipe + a healthy heaping of matcha. I made it myself! The advantages of this are a) you can make precisely the sort of cake you would want as a birthday cake and b) when Skyping with your parents you can lament that you are so badly off, so neglected by your spouse and all your loved ones, that it is necessary for you to make your OWN birthday cake. Alas! Alack!



It was messy, and the cake did not rise at it should (because I forgot the green tea and only put it in at the very end, and ended up mixing all the air out of the egg white). I always have bad luck with icing; I don’t really like it to be too sweet, and a lot of the time it’s the icing sugar that gives icing backbone. And then I live in fear of overbeating cream icing! Despite all this the cake is still pretty delicious.

Cake #2, not pictured, was a very impressive frilly white chocolate thing from Whole Foods, with blueberries at the bottom.

Cake #3 was a baked cheesecake from the gorgeous Japanese patisserie down the road, and had been booked in advance by my spouse (not so terribly neglectful after all …). I love Japanese cheesecake. *____*


Cakes #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9 were cupcakes from Lola, so maybe they do not count as six separate cakes? Only five are pictured below (chocolate with yellow icing, some kind of marshmallow-topped cupcake I haven’t yet figured out, RED VELVET CAKE, chocolate with raspberry filling, and cookies & cream). The sixth was eaten by somebody. It was purple on the top.



27 has been a pretty good age to be so far. I have had cake for breakfast every day.


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