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I forgot to mention that Kaleidotrope has said they will take my short story Monkey King, Faerie Queen. Huzzah! Won’t be seeing it till 2015, but I’m very pleased. It’s been hard to sell — I first wrote it in 2010 — but it’s my very favourite of all my short stories. It’s about the time the Monkey King went to the Faerie Court and fucked shit up, because that is how he rolls.

Now to be fair, Sun Wukong was already in a bad mood when he arrived in the Faerie Court.

You don’t know who Sun Wukong is? You’re kidding! You haven’t heard of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, the one who is Mindful of Emptiness, the Exquisite and Most Satisfactory Prince of the Monkeys, defier of gods and Buddhas alike, scorner of other people’s dignity and personal inspiration to little monkeys everywhere?

One day a stone cracked and he jumped out: that was the miracle that was his birth. His fur is as silken as your favourite shirt and as golden as the midday sun. He has eyes of fire and the biggest ears anyone ever saw on a monkey. And if you want to look up his name in the Book of Life and Death, forget about it, because he went down to Hell and wiped that shit out himself!

I’ll let you know when it comes out in two years’ time ya.


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