Saturday morning

Things I did instead of writing or reading or replying to an email I should really reply to:

  • Read Tumblr. Made breakfast galettes on a whim after seeing them on my dashboard. (I ate them with melted cheese and the egg yolk you don’t use for the batter, plus a mug of milky coffee.)
  • Meandered down to library, stopping by the small market on the way to goggle at semi-precious jewellery. Mystic topazes are very pretty! They are like the fangirl red hair of gemstones.
  • Took five books out of library: London Calling: How Black and Asian Writers Imagined a City by Sukhdev Sandhu, Ghosts of Empire by Kwasi Kwarteng, Captain Gronow’s Regency Recollections, Out in the Midday Sun: The British in Malaya 1880-1960 by Margaret Shennan, and Divine Endurance by Gwyneth Jones.
  • Went into local grocery to stare wistfully at blackberries and raspberries. I have, relatively late in life, reconciled with blackberries and raspberries. Berries are now my favourite non-tropical fruit, but unfortunately they are more expensive than other fruit … I thought of buying some, but refrained out of a sense that it would be needlessly extravagant. We have some perfectly good oranges and apples here at home.
  • Stopped by charity shop on the way home to try on a mustard dress and mint green lace cardigan. They would have made an attractive outfit together, but unfortunately neither was particularly flattering on me.
  • Wrote this blog post!

What does a typical Saturday look like for you? You should tell me so I don’t have to write! :D


6 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. Ooooh, do tell me, were the breakfast galettes to your liking?

    Was a creep and saw you’re a Malaysian living in London. My Mumsie is from Malaysia as well, so I feel a kinship already! ;)

    “…mustard dress and mint green lace cardigan.” Sounds lovely. I love consignment stores, but the new Thrift Shop song is rather…shudder-inducing.

    Good to have made your acquaintance! :D


    • Hi! Yes, the galettes were very nice, though mine weren’t as attractive as yours. XD Thanks for the recipe! The batter was easier to work with than some other pancake batters I have tried.

      I love consignment stores too! Charity shops in London are pretty expensive though. Secondhand shopping is much better in the US …

      • And she exhales a great sigh of relief.

        I’m one of those paranoid cooks who don’t know if the humidity, or measurements, or some latitude longitude crap actually will effect the outcome of other people’s results, so always hungry for feedback…but good to know, yay! :D

        Mmhmmm, things in the States tend to be cheaper than most places eh? I used to drive down from Canada all the time, when I still lived there. Oh well.

        You’re in London for good or it’s a temporary sort of situation? :)

        • No, it worked really well! So thanks for that.

          I can think of plenty of places where things are cheaper than in America (Malaysia, for starters!) so I wouldn’t go that far. XD Food and clothing are certainly cheaper in the US than in the UK, though.

          I’m working in London. I’d like to go home eventually, but whether I can do that will depend on various factors!

    • Oh dear, I’m kind of trepidatious now! It’s been recommended to me before, but I’ve been sort of wary because of the setting. But I enjoyed Jones’s Spirit a lot. We shall see!

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