Sorcerer to the Crown

SORCERER TO THE CROWN is out in paperback!

sorcerer_front mech.indd Sorcerer to the Crown UK PB

I did a little post about my Disney’s Gargoyles feels for the Tor UK blog to celebrate! Gargoyles was so good. *_* If you’ve been waiting for the paperback, here’s where you can buy the book!

Penguin Random House
Barnes & Noble
Hudson Booksellers

Pan Macmillan
WH Smith
Amazon UK

These sites offer free shipping worldwide
Book Depository (US and UK editions available)
Wordery (UK edition only)

I had all these great plans to write more Publishing Journey posts around this time but er I’m a bit busy at the moment. Once I’ve emerged from the haze of book 2 rewrites and day job stuff I’ll do more! In September it’ll be a year since Sorcerer came out so that might be a good time. Do leave a comment, email or let me know on Twitter or Facebook if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about my experiences of writing and publishing.


3 thoughts on “SORCERER TO THE CROWN is out in paperback!

  1. brucearthurs says:

    Ooh. That cover’s much more vivid and eye-catching than the hardcover’s. I’ll probably pick up a copy now.

  2. kieu says:

    Hi Zen! I’ve been wondering if the sequel to Sorcerer to the Crown will continue where Zacharius and Purnella’s left off or is it a new character but of the same world?

    • Hi! I’m still working it out but there’ll be more of a focus on new characters in the same world, though Prunella and Zacharias will appear as well.

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