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I am going to have copies of the super rare and totally awesome SPIRITS ABROAD and CYBERPUNK: MALAYSIA paperbacks at Nine Worlds! A few of them are already reserved:


I KNEW I was going to find a retrospective excuse for having bought these incredibly cute post-it notes at Daiso.


And here’s what CYBERPUNK: MALAYSIA looks like in the flesh. Shiny and chrome!

I’m hoping the books will be available at the Nine Worlds dealers’ room, but I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to arrange that. However, you can place an order for the books now and/or buy them from me directly at the con!

I am selling the books for £5.00 each, and I am happy to sign and personalise them for you. You can even ask me to do a doodle! I can only draw friendly elephants, though. Also, there will be ultra secret, super exclusive SORCERER TO THE CROWN swag, which I will totally give you FOR FREE. (I mean, I don’t want to inflate expectations. It’s just stationery. But I think it’s going to be nice stationery!)

If you think you’d like to buy them from me in person, I will beg you now to bring a £5 note if at all possible. Of course, it’s easiest if you pre-order using the form below — that will enable me to put aside a copy for you, as stocks are limited. And also it means I don’t have scrounge up £5 bills!


My Nine Worlds schedule is here — if you come to any of my panels, I’ll be able to pass you your books, of course. Otherwise, if you give me your phone number, email address, and/or any other ways I can get in touch with you at the con (e.g. Twitter handle), we can agree how I’ll be getting your book to you. Also, if you would like me to sign your copy, let me know what name you’d like it to be made out to, and whether you’d like any specific message — or a doodle of a happy elephant!

You have to fill out the form twice if you want both books, sorry. I didn’t know how to set it up otherwise.

I am not currently taking orders to ship the books to you. This is just if you’ll be attending Nine Worlds. If there are books left afterwards (very likely), I’ll do another post to sell off the remainder to anyone who wants them!

Titles available
Contact details at con
Name/message for autograph


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