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Spirits Abroad: the ebook

The SPIRITS ABROAD ebook is now available! I meant to have it out a lot earlier, but it was delayed by novel, and conventions, and then family stuff … but now it is here!

I’m all the more excited about it because now I can share the absolutely stunning ebook cover.


Click to see a larger version.


I commissioned the cover from the amazing queer Filipina artist Likhain, and I love it omg. It’s so lush and vivid and colour-drenched and rich with gorgeous detail. And it has a dragon, and eyes peering suspiciously out at you, and hibiscuses! *____* If you like it, I believe she’s currently open to commissions — check out her website for information.

As well as a shiny alternative cover, the ebook has an extra five previously-published stories, plus author commentary on all the stories in the collection. Scroll down to the end of the post for the Table of Contents.

For the first week of release I am pricing the ebook at US$2.99. I am planning to put it up in time, so if you have been intending to get the ebook, get it soon! You can buy it at the following retailers:

Amazon UK (and all the other Amazons …)
Google Play

For people who’ve bought the print version, I’m offering a free ebook for a limited time. Email me with proof of purchase and I will send you a link to download the SPIRITS ABROAD ebook for free. (Proof of purchase can be a receipt or even a photo of the book. If you bought the book directly from me, there’s no need for proof of purchase, of course.) This offer is only valid if I receive your request by Sunday, 12 October 2014, 12 noon British Summer Time.

If you bought the print version on Amazon, you should be able to benefit from the Kindle Matchbook service to get a free Kindle ebook (again, it’ll only be free for a limited time). If you’d like an ebook in a different format, though, just contact me.

After the initial offer period I’ll probably put up the ebook price by a dollar or so. I’m planning to offer a discount on the ebook to purchasers of the paperback indefinitely. If you’d like a review copy (ebook only), email me with a link to your review site.


Spirits Abroad ebook — Table of Contents

Extra ebook content is in italics.

The First Witch of Damansara
First National Forum on the Position of Minorities in Malaysia
The House of Aunts

One-Day Travelcard for Fairyland
起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion — The Lion Bows)
七星鼓 (Seven Star Drum)
The Mystery of the Suet Swain
Prudence and the Dragon
The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life

The Earth Spirit’s Favorite Anecdote
The Four Generations of Chang E

Going Back
The Many Deaths of Hang Jebat
The Fish Bowl
Balik Kampung

Author’s Commentary


I know it’s a bit funny to include 七星鼓 and The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life when they’re already available for free online, but I think it’s nice to have them together with the stories they are linked with (起狮,行礼 and Prudence and the Dragon).

If you buy the ebook and notice any formatting oddities, do let me know. I have been wrangling with the files all weekend and some fresh hell seems continually to emerge. I think they are clean now — but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t, just to spite me.


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