Stealing memes like it’s 2005

I saw this on inkstone‘s journal and liked the look of it. Tell me what to blog about!

Rules of the meme:

Pick a date below and give me a topic — it can be anything, from fandom related to life related to art related to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don’t feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don’t.

You can request multiple topics (as long as they’re on different days — one topic per day!).

December 01 –
December 02 – Geek authenticity in a world that has appropriated the symbols for commerce. (Tade)
December 03 – Games: any category or intersection thereof, whether children’s or videogames or board games or the sort of game you play all by yourself when you’re alone on a very long and humdrum trip. (hebethen)
December 04 – postcolonial fluff for booknerds, and any plans for a sequel to Jade Yeo/her descendants (atropinesulfate)
December 05 –
December 06 –
December 07 – A thing about Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell that you wish got more attention (katenepveu)
December 08 – Are there any aspects of Malaysian, British, or Malaysian-British (?) culture you wish you saw more of in fiction? (finkelsteingirl)
December 09 – how other people approach food, in terms of how they conceptualise it and how they cook and what emotions if any they have to do with it (kaberett)
December 10 – dragons and why they are awesome (troisroyaumes)
December 11 – What are the problematic and/or positive aspects of travel-writing (from any or particular perspectives)? (finkelsteingirl)
December 12 – Do you have a favorite character among the ladies you’ve written? (yifu)
December 13 – Favorite places to visit (inkstone)
December 14 – your approach to editing (pendrecarc)
SKIPPED December 15 – Flash fiction piece using these words: ice, sunspot, roadworks, Ada Lovelace, and Oxford. (Tade)
December 16 – Foods that make you feel tremendously comfortable or at home just by tasting them (finkelsteingirl)
December 17 – ghost/spooky stories and/or urban legends (surpassingly)
December 18 – Jane Austen (nanila)
December 19 – P.G. Wodehouse (Aisha)
December 20 – weather you like, weather you hate? (shati)
December 21 – books from your childhood that made you happier when you reread them as an adult! (skygiants)
December 22 –  favorite comfort reads, or favorite recipes (Anonymous)
December 23 – Formative movies (vi)
SKIPPED December 24 – IN SPACE (tzniuswarrior)
December 25 – Day off for Christmas!
December 26 – your thoughts on linguistic imperialism and people teaching english abroad, and people in asian countries learning english as a school subject (Anonymous)
SKIPPED December 27 – Malaysian English, and/or code-switching in general (Huimang)
SKIPPED December 28 – which fictional dragon is your favorite. (Or if you can’t pick a favorite, which I understand, randomly select an awesome fictional dragon.) (dorothean)
December 29 – How is writing long fiction different from short fiction? (pendrecarc)
December 30 – places you’d like to travel to if money/time wasn’t an issue (Anonymous)
December 31 – my New Year’s resolution for 2014 (myself :D)


11 thoughts on “Stealing memes like it’s 2005

      • tade says:

        So do a lazy version :)
        All you have to do is use the words, not necessarily the meaning of the words.
        Heck, if you a character reading a book on Ada Lovelace stuck in traffic in Oxford because of roadworks…see where I’m going with this?

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