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New-old story in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 54

I’m so blur lah — apparently ASIM 54 came out last month and I didn’t even notice. My story is in it! That’s pretty cool. The story is called The Earth Spirit’s Favourite Anecdote and is Malaysian fantasy not set in Malaysia (at least not the one we know). Some of you will have read an earlier draft of this lo these many years ago — it’s the one about an earth spirit who moves out of her parents’ place and sets up house, but finds herself having to negotiate with an annoying landlord.

Yeah, my thematic preoccupations are super deep!

The story is told in Manglish. IIRC my main influences were Manglish, hobbits, and the Legolas/Gimli relationship. If those are the kinds of things that interest you too, you can buy a copy in print, pdf, mobi or epub format at their website: Latest Issue (scroll down past ASIM 35).

Table of Contents below.

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