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Grants, aunts and mammoths

Catching up on some news:


Speculative Literature Foundation Writing Grants

I’ll be helping to judge the SLF’s new Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants! These are grants of US$500 each for writers who are working on books (novels or short story collections) in the speculative fiction genre. The Diverse Writers grant is for writers from traditionally underrepresented/marginalised backgrounds, and the Diverse Worlds grant is for work that presents diverse worlds well, regardless of the writer’s background.

If this sounds like it might be relevant to your interests, have a look at the guidelines and send in your WIPs for fun and (potential) profit! The deadline for applications is 31 July.


The House of Aunts on stage

The Stanford Asian American Theatre Project is putting on a theatrical adaptation of my story THE HOUSE OF AUNTS. I have had nothing to do with it whatever — I mean, apart from saying “Sure!” when I was asked if they could do it — and it is pretty cool to see the story wandering around the world on its own legs. The Facebook event page has details of the show if you are in Stanford this week and want to check it out: AATP Presents THE HOUSE OF AUNTS.

There’s also an amusing trailer here (links to Facebook, but I don’t think you have to be logged in to see it): Trailer for THE HOUSE OF AUNTS.


The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women

I am very pleased to have a story in the upcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women, edited by Alex Dally MacFarlane. It’s a reprint of my story THE FOUR GENERATIONS OF CHANG E, about the Moon Goddess Chang E as the ultimate overseas outer space Chinese.

Kristin Mandigma’s hilarious aswang story is also in the anthology! That’s enough to show it’s a good Table of Contents, but if you want to see the full line-up, have a look at the SF Signal announcement. (The cover is also very cool!)


So that’s all pretty cool! In terms of actual writing, I am plugging away at the novel revision, and hoping to have that wrapped up in a couple of months so I can have a bit of time to write a couple of short stories. I haven’t written a short story in super long lor. I also have plans for self-publishing and whatnot, but all must await the pleasure of the novel!

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New anthology! New subscriptions!

A reprint of my story The Four Generations of Chang E will be in Alex Dally MacFarlane’s anthology Aliens: Recent Encounters, due out in June from Prime Books. Am impressed by the august company my wayward immigrant Chang E will be keeping! I know Alex is actively engaged in seeking out and promoting science fictional perspectives from people other than white dudes (though there are also stories by white dudes in the anthology, just in case you were worried!). If that is something you are also interested in, do check out the anthology.

I am populating my Google Reader with blogs so I can check it when I am bored e.g. at a bus stop or something. Do YOU have a blog I can subscribe to on Google Reader? If not, do you have favourite blogs you would like to recommend? Here are things I like reading about:

  • Food
  • Stories
  • Clothes
  • Women
  • Asian … stuff

The tone I like best in blogging is one that is friendly, personal, funny and not always to the point.

Pls have at it!