Foods that make me think of home

finkelsteingirl asked about foods that make you feel tremendously comfortable or at home just by tasting them.

A list!

Nescafe with hot milk + condensed milk, the way my dad used to make it before my parents got super health-conscious and did away with milk and sugar.

Yau char kway: This is a fried breadstick you dip into your coffee and it is super good! It makes your coffee oily which would be weird in a latte but is OK in kopitiam coffee.

(Continuing the breakfast associations) soft-boiled eggs with white pepper and soy sauce. You dip buttered toast in it and eat the toast and it is so great.

Steamed jasmine rice.

Cabbage soup with fried garlic.

Chicken rice: This is rice cooked in chicken stock so it’s super yummy, served with poached chicken with the skins on and chilli sauce. (Not the sticky sweet Thai chilli sauce that comes in bottles. A different kind!) I actually like it with “black” chicken better (roasted so the skin is brown and crackly) than “white” chicken, but white chicken is the classic variety. One of the few dishes Malaysians are willing to acknowledge are done better in Singapore.

Ipoh hor fun: Hor fun (white flat noodles) served in a broth with shredded chicken and whole prawns.

Mamak-style Maggi mee goreng: Basically just fried noodles, but it’s so nice. So nice! I also don’t know why.

Steamed fish in soy sauce. The fried version is good as well, but it’s more exciting than comforting.

Tomato eggs: My mom always made it with baked beans instead of tomato, so that should technically be the version I recall with fondness, but I don’t like baked beans so I prefer tomato.

Tau yu bak: This is pork belly braised in this black black sauce with hardboiled eggs. The hardboiled eggs are almost the best part because you break them open and pour the sauce on the yolk and it is so nice. (I initially said “the best”, but changed it to “almost the best” because the best is really the meat.) My mom often made it with chicken instead of pork.

I am becoming unsure as to whether this is really a list of my comfort/”think of home” foods, or whether I am just listing delicious things to eat! Might be time to stop.

It’s probably unsurprising that this is all Chinese food (except the Maggi mee? I dunno if the Maggi mee counts) as opposed to Malay or Indian or any other cuisine. I like Malay/Indian/etc. food, but I guess you revert to what you ate at home as a kid when you are seeking comfort.