Why I love White Boots by Noel Streatfeild

skygiants: books from your childhood that made you happier when you reread them as an adult!

I think probably what you mean is books that I like even better as an adult than I did as a kid, and I am not sure the book I am going to talk about is a correct answer, because I absolutely loved Noel Streatfeild’s White Boots as a kid. But it was the first book to come to mind, so I am going to talk about it anyway!

White Boots is about Harriet Johnson, a quiet kid from a poor, boisterous family who picks up skating to strengthen her “cotton woolish” legs after an illness. She meets Lalla Moore, whose figure skater celebrity parents died when she was a baby, and who is being brought up by an ambitious aunt to be a skating champion. Lalla gives Harriet a chance to skate, but Harriet and her family give Lalla a chance to be an ordinary kid.

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