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Fiction: Chicken Chicken Bang Bang (Issue 14, The Selangor Times)

Reprinted with the permission of Selangor Times editor KL Chan. A JPEG version displaying the original layout is available at Amir Muhammad’s blog: Short story by Zen Cho in the 14th issue of Selangor Times.


Chicken Chicken Bang Bang

by Zen Cho


Eileen knew she shouldn’t have listened to her brother.

Confucius should have included a get-out clause in the Analects, she thought. Respect your elders–except when they are idiots.

“Come, I drive you to work,” Ko had said in the morning. “I fixed the Proton last weekend. Want to see whether it works or not.”

Eileen had demurred: “No, it’s OK. I’ll take the LRT.”

“Come lah,” said Ko. “No point you drive to the LRT station and then have to wait for the train. Might as well I drive you all the way.”

“But you know I hate the jam,” said Eileen.

“Don’t worry. We’ll go by highway,” said Ko. “I know a special way to get there. Very fast one! I tell you, you won’t even notice the jam.”

Now here they were, stuck in an unmoving car, in a sea of unmoving cars. They hadn’t even got to the toll. The toll booths wavered in the distance like a mirage.

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