Awesome female characters card, and a challenge

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I am skipping today’s Blogging on Demand prompt (sorry, Tade!), but here is an alternative post!

I was in a gift shop today when I noticed this card and got wildly excited:

A moomintroll plushie with female characters card

Moomintroll also approves.


I bought it, took it home to Cephas, and announced: “Look! It’s everyone everyone on my Internet likes!”

So here’s the challenge: leave a comment on this post naming as many of the characters on the card as you can without looking anything up. (Comment on my website, please — easier for me to keep track.)

I will pick one commenter and post the card to them. My decision is completely within my discretion — if there are several commenters who do well, I might end up putting all the names in a hat and picking one out at random.

Of course, this is a bit of an honour system because I’ll have no way of knowing whether you have used Google, or peeked at the other comments, or whatever. But I trust you! (If you’re not the first commenter you’ll have to page down hastily in order to avoid getting hints, come to think of it. Oh well, never mind!)

Card showing 16 female characters

Close-up of the card

Open to all countries — you just have to be willing to give me your postal address if you win. I will close this post to new entries when there seem to have been enough comments.