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Although it is the wrong time of the year for it*, I like this poem by Thich Nhat Hanh, posted on the Dreamwidth Poetry community: Fall Moon Festival.

What will happen when form collides with emptiness,
and what will happen when perception enters non-perception?
Come here with me, friend.
Let’s watch together.

*I know the OP says it’s especially for people in the southern hemisphere, but isn’t the Mid-Autumn Festival still celebrated at the same time of the year in the southern hemisphere?

Not Just Vast Armies Clashing on Dark Plains at Night: An Interview With Ken Liu

I’m sure this has been much-linked, but I really loved this interview with Ken Liu. There’s a ton of good stuff in it, like —

Children can be very hard and judgmental about their parents, and disappointment is often the result of misunderstanding. So how do I pass on my culture and experiences to my children in a meaningful way? How do I give them a sense of connectedness, of purpose and context, especially in a dominant culture that often devalues what I value, that is often ignorant about things that matter to me, that is often callous and dismissive to what I care about? The questions made me think about the experiences of my grandparents and parents, and my own process of gradual understanding and empathy with them. How to make the past meaningful for the future is both a big question—it’s the task of history—and a very personal, intimate one—it’s the narrative of family.

And so as I work through these issues, as I read and learn and think and write, I’m speaking both to my children and to my ancestors.

The line-up for Readings@Seksan this Saturday. I’m gonna go if I can wangle a ride — you should let me know if you’re going too. :D


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