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Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE by Ann Leckie: a list

It is a very mildly spoilery list. I will do a cut out of courtesy, but it’s only really spoilery for people who are super spoilerphobic.

Many people have been saying that Ancillary Justice is good! But I thought I would do a list of the id-pleasing things about the book, because the blurbs I’ve seen have all been talking about how it is intelligent space opera, space opera done well, and it is those things, but also it is about SPACESHIPS with FEELINGS. Spaceships with feelings done well! I feel you should know this.

You can read a sample of the book online, and/or get the ebook from Kobo UK here: Ancillary Justice. (Kobo US also has it, and Amazon, etc.) Apparently there is a multi-use 50% discount code for Kobo: BookRiot50. I haven’t tried it, but coffeeandink provided it and she knows about this stuff.

Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE: a list

– Everyone is she (not everyone is actually she)

– The protagonist is a SPACESHIP

– There is a scene where a space station is mad at the protagonist and the space station throws a tantrum and a spaceship who likes the protagonist is like, “omg space station is such a jerk” and it is super cute omg

– A spaceship with FEELINGS

– People are hostile and angry at each other but then they become friends and then they are super LOYAL AND DEVOTED

– The spaceships are basically like dragons in Pern only they are spaceships

– Protagonist is one of those super stoic characters who have a lot of feelings but refuse to admit it. I love that kind of character!

– Semi-soul-bonded spaceships!

– It’s about an evil empire that’s trying to stop being quite so evil (it is told from the POV of someone from the evil empire, but you get a lot about the perspectives of the people and places that have been invaded and colonised by the evil empire)

– The different cultures in the book are well fleshed out and feel like different cultures. I particularly liked the evil empire religion, though I didn’t get the sartorial conventions (gloves??).

– It is structured so that alternating chapters recount two storylines — one about a mystery that happened in the past, and one about the mystery of what is happening in the future — and I like stories that have a mystery at each end of the stick


You should read it! Yay.


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