Weather I like, weather I hate

shati: weather you like, weather you hate?

I am definitely a warm weather person and mostly only like cold weather because there are some very nice fashion accessories that go with cold weather. (Scarves are a great thing. I never got the point of scarves until I realised that they actually work to keep you warm, as well as look pretty. Also boots! Boots are so great.) But I would give away all my cold weather things without a qualm in favour of a life spent in T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

My ideal kind of weather is to be found either early morning in Malaysia, or on a nice British summer’s day. I like unstinting sunshine, blue skies with a few tender puffs of cloud, a gentle breeze, the smell of earth and growing things, and a temperature range of 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

That’s my favourite kind of weather, but I also like the weather on either side of a tropical rainstorm — before, when the wind starts whipping up the trees and the air smells of rain and grey clouds make the sky heavy; and after, when the world is washed clean and smells amazing and the air is cool.

My least favourite weather:

  • When it’s super cold and grey, but not cold enough for snow
  • When it’s super cold and grey and mizzling indefinitely
  • When it’s only kind of cold and grey, but it’s too cold to go around without your jacket, but when you put on your jacket you get too warm and sweaty — urgh, that is the worst kind of weather
  • When it’s warm and grey
  • Basically the sky should only be grey when it’s raining or about to rain or has just rained
  • And rain should not go on forever, and it should put its back into it when it does happen, and also there is nothing wrong with thunder and if you are going to all the effort of raining you should probably have some thunder and lightning as well, just to keep things interesting

As you can see I am very well adapted for British weather!


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