Short Stories

Hikayat Sri Bujang, or, The Tale of the Naga Sage

Published: Jul 2020, 
The Book of Dragons, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Harper Voyager
7,400 words

A naga sage is drawn out of his mountain fastness by family obligations, with disastrous results for the humans in the vicinity.

Illustrated by Rovina Cai.

A sage must be self-disciplined if they are to acquire sufficient merit to achieve liberation.


Published: Jun 2020, 
Shoreline of Infinity. Reprinted in Spirits Abroad, Small Beer Press.
4,900 words

A young woman in an old house seeks liberation from her oppressive family, but her plan goes awry.

Odette realised her life had not changed after all. She would have to live with Uncle Andrew for the rest of her life. He had only died the day before.

Head of a Snake, Tail of a Dragon

Published: Jan 2019, 
2,300 words

A wicked imugi is perplexed when a strange dragon appears in her life, offering to help her become a dragon. Sequel to If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again.

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“He’s a teenager?” said the dragon. “You can’t eat a teenager! That’ll delay your ascension by centuries!”

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Published: Nov 2018, 
B&N SFF Blog. Reprinted in Spirits Abroad, Small Beer Press.
8,500 words

A hapless imugi is determined to attain the form of a full-fledged dragon and gain entry to the gates of heaven. For a long time, things don’t go well. Then, it meets a girl.

Illustrated by Shirley Jackson.

If you drop a stone, it will fall to the ground—it will not fly up to the sky. If you try to become a dragon before your thousandth birthday, you will fall flat on your face, and all the other spirits of the five elements will laugh at you. These are the laws of heaven.

七星鼓 (Seven Star Drum)

Published: Oct 2016, 
LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction
1,900 words

The lion dance “is usually performed as a ceremony to scare away evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune” (Wikipedia). Prequel to 起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion--The Lion Bows).

The lion was gold and red and silver; its head was white-furred like the face of a kind grandfather; the bounce of its feet was like the dance of sunlight on water.

Everything Under One Roof

Published: Jul 2016, 
An Alphabet of Embers, ed. R.B. Lemberg, Stone Bird Press
1,500 words

Death, road trips, best friends, and what you miss.

The distance between life and death is no wider, in some places, than the waters between Pengkalan Kubor and Tai Bak.